Welcome to the business enablers

The Business Enablers, is a firm, formed with the objective of bringing a social impact in rural India through innovative solar solutions for various applications.

Why Solar

Solar power is an alternate form of energy to traditional grid electricity. Extending solar power in remote areas and difficult terrain is at a fraction of the cost of providing traditional grid electricity. Micro solar power generation (from 1 kW to 10 kW) for solar water pumps, anganwadis & schools, shops, medical centres, primary health centres, rice mills, flour mills are just a few applications to bring a paradigm shift.

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What we do

Solar Water Pumping

Huge cost savings for cooling towers, using solar pumping in tandem with grid electricity.

Off Grid Solar Lighting

Perfect solution for Zilla Parishad schools / Anganwadis where MSEDCL charges commercial rates.

Hybrid Solar Solutions

In a hybrid solar solution the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) has 3 inputs viz. Solar DC, Battery & Grid

How can we help you?

Just call on (+91) 9322663996 to know more about us.

Our Mission

To create a social impact in rural India in the areas of sustainable income, creation of local livelihood, better educational infrastructure and reliable & easy access to drinking water with the support of NGOs’ and Corporate India.


Solar panels generate clean energy, free electricity from the sun, helps to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Hope for the Rural

A one-time investment will reap benefits of free electricity for 25 years.

I am the Change

Corporate & NGOs’ need not wait for MW generating projects by the govt.. Any & every corporate can bring cheer in the lives of our rural brethren.

We solicit the support of NGOs’ and Corporate for their projects in rural India.