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Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid Solar Solutions

Hybrid Solar Solutions:

In a hybrid solar solution the Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) has 3 inputs viz. a. Solar DC b. Battery c. Grid (Single Phase / 3 phase). The priority is set for either Solar Grid Battery (SGB) or Solar Battery Grid (SBG). Hence the power supply moves seamlessly from solar to grid and in the absence of both, the battery backup operates the Inverter. The battery bank is charged by solar and grid supply. In case of the PCU failure the manual switching to grid supply is available.

  • Schools / colleges in B,C & D towns.
  • Farm Houses where regular grid supply is an issue.
  • Critical production.
  • Cold Rooms.
  • Benefits:
  • Greater than 50% saving in electricity charges.
  • Continuous availability of electricity (single / Three phase)

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